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The ingredients you want.

The flavors you crave.TM

We make snacking fun by bringing you tasty gluten-free puffs made with wholesome ingredients you can actually pronounce! Munch Rights® have zero grams of trans fats, are baked instead of fried, and have 30% less fat than traditional potato chips.

  • Munch Rights Cinnamon Apple Puffs
  • Munch Rights Cheddar & Sour Cream Puffs
  • Munch Rights Marinara & Mozzarella Pizza Puffs
  • Munch Rights White Cheddar Puffs

Customer Reviews

So tasty! I will definitely be purchasing other flavors. The Apple Cinnamon is bomb, though!

Special D

These snacks give me life!

Wilgena M.

Absolutely delish, no gluten, no trans-fat, and no preservatives! It’s a totally guilt-free snack for the kids, or even as a sweet treat.

Katie M.

So delicious! Munch Rights snacks are perfect for your sweet tooth and salty needs, even my father who can’t get enough donuts and ice cream actually enjoyed these. Thanks so much.

Christine S.

My kids love Munch Rights! Especially my youngest son! He would eat them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner if I would let him!

Brittney T.

We love Munch Rights snacks at our house!! They are delicious!! Thanks for being such a wonderful company!

Tasha D.

My daughter and I love these snacks! Thank you for providing us with healthy and yummy snacks!

Andrea G.

Yummy!! A must try for everyone. You won’t be disappointed.

Tammy L.

I love ‘em, gluten-free, low-sodium snack. Try them.

Barbara M.

Light and tasty, great alternative to chips! You should try them!

Sharon P.

Healthy, delicious and easy on the wallet! But the best part is how much the children love them!!

Stacy N.

Absolutely delicious and good for you snacks! So glad my family found Munch Rights!

Emily B.

It is so delicious that I can’t stop. I want more!

Quanique L.

Very good healthy snack!!! My son and I decided to have some for breakfast and we loved them!!

Chelsea B.

I recently tried the BBQ puffs and they are so delicious. I love how vegan is on the front of the bag. This really helped me in choosing a great snack. I can’t wait to try the Apple ones too!


I used to be a fan of Cheetos Puffs, but after tasting your Cheddar and Sour Cream Baked Puffs, I've become a regular customer. Borrowing a phrase from a cereal "They're Great"!!!

Gilberto G.

Munch Right Apple Cinnamon Puffs are the best snack I have ever eaten. They are a hidden treasure!! Best snack ever.

Lisa T.

I am very impressed and surprised at how delicious and healthy these products were compared to other brands.

Vanessa S.

I just discovered your product, the BBQ version, at our nearby Dollar Tree. My husband and I fell in love with the intense flavor!

Ali M.