The Great Positivity Challenge!

The time has come again - #NationalPositiveAttitudeMonth 😊

Every year, #MunchRights celebrates this month with our fans by asking them to spread positivity to the world. Right now more than ever, we think everyone deserves a little more positivity. That’s where our Great Positivity Challenge comes in to play.


Throughout October, we’ll be posting to our social accounts, asking our fans to comment (not tag) a friend who could use a little positivity. We’ll choose a winner, and this winner will have a chance to send a handwritten note along with a care package to their friend.

As our logo represents a smile, we feel it’s a part of our mission to help spread smiles. It’s remarkable how a simple handwritten note filled with concern and love from someone dear to you (plus some Munch Rights puffs) can lift someone’s spirit. So, keep your eyes peeled for our posts, and be sure to encourage others to take the challenge. Having a #PositiveAttitude is a gift to others, as well as yourself. So, let’s spread some positivity, what do you say?