Summer is right around the corner

BBQ Summer!

We don’t know about you, but it feels like Summer is right around the corner. And, with the smells of National BBQ Month in the air, who *isn’t* eagerly counting down to the first days of backyard barbequing? But where do you turn if grilling isn’t your thing? Kick back, relax and munch on… our BBQ puffs are here (until they run out!).
Diet Friendly
Even the most passionate of BBQ-enthusiasts may have to keep an eye on the #gluten or #dairy in their diet. But with a little help from our gluten free, vegan BBQ puffs, even the pickiest of barbecuers will be licking their fingers!
Ingredient Worthy
No matter what is on your menu, we’re here to help! Grab a bag of our BBQ flavored puffs, crush ‘em  up and boom .. you have a tasty coating for chicken, chops or a unique topping for a casserole!
Counteract those carbs from your weekend barbecue with a better-for-you treat with the perfect hint of sweet. Our baked puffs contain 30% less fat than traditional potato chips, making them the perfect guilt-free snack that has your back.
Don’t let National BBQ Month go by without your taste buds saying “oh my”! Order online and get munchin’ today!