Hey Munchers! Eat the Rainbow!

Happy April, Munchers! We know your mind might be in summer mode already, but don’t let your packed lunches suffer! Pack your lunches RIGHT with your favorite Munch Rights flavors and using the tips below.

  1. Eat the rainbow! To be sure you’re packing as much of the “good stuff” into each lunch as possible, try to include as many colors as you can! Colorful fruits and veggies will brighten your day and make you feel even better!

  2. Include a satisfying crunch! Being healthy doesn’t mean you need to restrict yourself all the time… add a crunch alongside those fruits and veggies to really feel satisfied after your mid-day meal. The perfect option? Munch Rights puffs, of course!

  3. Keep it simple! When you have to pack a lunch all week long, you need simple basics that you know you’ll want to reach for. Spice up a classic PB&J with a cute cutout to bring some more joy to your afternoon, and don’t forget to serve it up alongside your favorite Munch Rights flavor!

Packed an awesome lunch because of these tips?
Share a picture with us … we’d love to see it, Munchers!