Embrace the New School Year!

Well, back to school time is now in full swing, and that means helping your kids find ways to embrace the new school year whole-heartedly, now that the newness of the year has perhaps worn off!  Not to worry, Munch Rights has some tips and tricks up our sleeves that can help you better prepare all types of students for their best year yet!


Encourage After School Activities

Finding a sport or a club to further connect your student to their classmates and school can be very beneficial for them. Not only will they possibly make new friends, but they will have a chance to develop a new skill and find another focus. Encourage your student to join at least one after-school activity and watch them connect to their space in a new way. 


Back to school


Pack Better-For-You Lunches

Being better for you doesn’t  mean that your lunches have to be dull. Add staples like on the go fruit squeezes, fruit cut into fun shapes, and baked vegan Munch Rights puffs for a lunch you know your child will  enjoy, while also keeping their energy up!


Pack Munch Rights


Create a Special Reward System for their Least Favorite Subject

Everyone has a subject that’s going to be more difficult than the rest. This means you have to find other ways to motivate your student. Whether through extra money for lunch treats, toys, or fun quality time, find a way to pay special attention to these subjects, and offer help where you can. 


There you have it! With this year already kicking off, your student is bound to have a great one. Follow us and stay up to date with the best snacks out there - Munch Rights.