Vegan Snacks at Dollar General

Vegan diets can seem daunting, with claims around high costs or limited availability. So, as a long-time vegan-friendly partner of Dollar General, we want to share a few yummy (and affordable) summer snacks you can find on a shelf near you!
Jennifer's Garden Spring Rolls
A true "believe it or not" vegan food, this savory snack is a must-try addition to any easy lunch, dinner or any meal in between! Ready in less than 2 minutes, just bake 'em, microwave 'em, fry 'em and enjoy!
Clover Valley Cookies
A #sweet treat you can truly enjoy while you eat... guilt free. 😋 Satisfy your sweet tooth with your favorite cookies -- from classic chocolate chip to shortbread to fudge strips!



Munch Rights Apple Cinnamon
A little bit of sweet, a little savory... our Apple Cinnamon baked puffs are gluten free and vegan -- making us the perfect crunch companion for your lunch or solo snack for on the go!
Minute Maid Frozen Lemonades

Your favorite flavors made frozen! Toss these treats in the freezer for a few hours and beat the heat with frozen lemonade, cherry limeade, orangeade and more!
Share with us! What are your favorite vegan finds at your local Dollar General?