National Picnic Month + Munch Rights!

Bust out those baskets and bring out the blankets, it's National Picnic Month! Whether you're new to the game or have picniced plenty before, there's always new ways to add to the fun AND cut down on the work! So, follow along as we share the perfect snacks and a few hacks for your next picnic!

Picnic time!


Borrow From The Bedroom!

If your tablecloth keeps blowing away in the wind, try packing a fitted twin bed sheet for your next picnic! The elastic will help grip the table and make for a much more stable way to cover your table.

Bug Off!

Ants hate the smell of peppermint and it disrupts their scent markings. Rub some peppermint on the surface of your picnic table/blanket to keep the ants at bay. You can also use half of a lemon and cloves to keep those pesky flies away!

Pack Like A Pro!

For spices, take an old tic tac container and fill with your favorite spices! Or, pack a muffin tin and fill each spot with a different snack, cover with a lid or foil for easy transfer. You can also keep salads fresh and green in mason jars, making them portable!

Summer Snacks!

Satisfy your summer snacking habits... guilt free! Munch Rights' gluten free baked puffs are the perfect salty (or sweet!) snack to satisfy your crunch cravings -- available in family favorite flavors like White Cheddar, Apple Cinnamon and Marinara & Mozzarella Pizza!

Pack on, snack on and enjoy the summer everyone!

Munch Rights!