A Better Snack is Born!


A better snack is born, and in just four steps! Follow along with us on a behind the scenes look at our puff process! It all starts with...

  • The Mix: We start with high quality, wholesome ingredients that leave no confusion for the flavor you've found -- keeping in mind the needs of our friends in the gluten-free and vegan communities!

  • The Puff: We add pressure and water, then heat 'em all up until they explode into our signature soft, yet crunchy, puffs!

  • The Bake: We always bake, never fry! This leaves our puffs with 30% less fat than traditional baked potato chips -- making them the perfect guilt-free snack that has your back.

  • The Munch: We add amazing flavoring that'll knock your socks off; like Apple Cinnamon, White Cheddar, BBQ and more!

Put our process to the test and try us for yourself at!