Packing a better-for-you lunch

Packing a better-for-you lunch can be a challenge. But, you’re in luck!
We have three super snack ideas to consider when swapping out those potato chips
in your next lunch that'll still give you a crunch.
Munch Rights!

Dried Seaweed
Dried seaweed?!? This salty snack will certainly add some diversity to your snack-folio. Low in calories and rich in fiber, seaweed also offers nearly just as many grams of protein and amino acids per gram as beef.

Munch Rights
Deliciously located at the intersection of immediate snack satisfaction and long-term health benefits, our baked puffs are the perfect addition to your next lunch pack!

Freeze-Dried Fruits
In addition to bursts of flavor in every bite, dried fruits, like watermelon and raspberries, also contain more fiber and more antioxidants than fresh fruit, per ounce. And unlike fresh fruit, there’s no spoilage with dehydrated fruits!

Give yourself … and your family … something to look forward to when the midday munchies hit and add us to your grocery list. Just one bite and you'll taste the difference of a better-for-you, flavor filled lunch. 😋