Three Throwback posts that made us so proud 💚

As spring begins to roll into town, we decided to clean up what was lying around. While spring cleaning, can you guess what all we found? Three Throwback posts that made us so proud. 💚



If you haven't heard the news, boys and girls, snacking is here to stay... and it's coming right to your door! SnackMagic makes that easy, and fun, by including fun new mouthwatering snacks (like yours truly) in a variety of customizable snack packs. So you can imagine how thrilled we were to be included on their list of "cool kids" as we like to think. 😆



West Coast Fires Donation168234740_2865241547...

At Munch Rights, we're passionate about helping our surrounding communities. That's why we teamed up with the American Red Cross to deliver truckloads of snacks to shelter homes, helping those affected by the West Coast fires.




Former Fan Love168267048_2865241457...

We're always so happy to hear when we've been there for our fans! Made with better-for-you ingredients, Munch Rights are the gluten-free snack we all could use. 😁👌 Once you get that next chore or task done, you can reward yourself with a Munch Rights snack... what better motion could you want?


So, stick around, smile a little and keep on snacking... with Munch Rights! 😋